Case Studies

Case #1

Problem: A major film manufacturer challenged us to recycle their various multi-layer films and extract as much value as possible. The films they produced contained several layers including PET, PP, LDPE, tie layers and others. The PET is grossly incompatible with the PP and LDPE and if you melted and processed the film as is, it would have very poor properties and the molded part would fail. 

Solution: Through polymer modification experimentation we came up with a viable solution that produced a material that was robust and molded good tough parts. The Izod impact strength was increased from below 1 ft-lbs / sq in to 11 ft-lbs/ sq in while realizing significant increases in tensile elongation which is a good measure of dynamic loading impact resistance. The customer was very impressed with our solution.

Case #2

Problem: A major food processor was having difficulties finding a company that could recycle millios of lbs. of flexable packaging film waste from 30 processing sights ascoss the United States. The problem was that a large portion of their film waste was contaminated with residual food and other undesirable materials in the bales making it very difficult to recycle. 

Solution: We developed a unique engineering process that was quite affective in eliminating the vast majority of the contaminants. This  allowed us to process the film into something of value that currently goes into sewer pipes. The supplier was impressed with our solution and we were awarded a multi-year contract.

Case #3

Problem: A client approached us to see if we could recycle their food packaging film comprised of several different incompatible materials from multiple plant locations.

Solution: We developed a modification technique that dramatically improved the film properties when molded into a part.