Poly Source, LLC
Industrial Plastic Recycling Solutions

About Us

Business Model

At Poly Source we have over 30 years of polymer experience  in various phases of plastic development, processing and recycling and have converted millions of lbs of polymer scrap into viable materials . We partner with major multi sight industrial scrap generators and augment the material into a product that can be directly molded or extruded into compliant parts. Our manufacturing partners are strategically located in various parts of the United States. This allows us to keep extremely high shipping costs down by minimizing the distance from the generator to the processing plant and from the plant to our customers. 

Difficult To Recycle Materials

Poly Source specializes in recycling difficult to recycle materials like multi layer films with incompatible layers and contaminated scrap streams. Click on the link below to see some of the actual programs we have successfully recycled.

Staging Trailers

We can stage trailers for storing the scrap as it is generated by the plant.

Step 1: PP Rolls

Converting PP Rolls Into Repro Pellets

We purchase raw polymer film scrap and enhance and convert it into a repro pellet. It is then molded into a Part.

Step 2: Polypropylene Repro

Step 3: Polypropylene Shelving Unit

Step 1: BOPP Bales

We convert BOPP bales into a repro pellet that is modified to improve properties. It is then molded into a part.

Step 2: Polypropylene Repro

Step 3: Shipping Pallet