Materials For Sale

Polypropylene Repro

We produce a few different Polypropylene repros with varing viscosities and ash levels.

  • PP 5 melt mixed color to go black repro with 8-12% filler. Also available in a 20 and 30 melt.

  • PP 20 melt unfilled to go black. Also available in a 7 and 30 melt.

  •  PP 20 melt repro mixed color with 14% filler. Also available in a 6melt and a 30 melt

Polypropylene Densified

We produce a PP densified and ground to 3/8" that is more cost effective when a pellet is not necessary.

  • PP Densified 5 melt with 8-12% filler

  • PP Densified 6 melt with 14% filler

  • PP densified 7 melt unfilled.